Hiep Dang is Vice President of Product at HiddenLayer. He is passionate about building innovative cybersecurity solutions to protect users and corporations from the evolving threat landscape with Adversarial Machine Learning as the newest emerging frontier.

Almost 20 years ago, Hiep turned a casual curiosity in computer forensics and computer viruses into a full-time cybersecurity career. His journey has given him a spectrum of experiences from burgeoning startups to Fortune 500 companies and the opportunity to solve a range of problems from deeply technical to abstract business. He’s found his sweet spot in product management at the intersection of product strategy and technical execution. Before joining HiddenLayer, he was VP of Endpoint Security Solutions at Qualys. Hiep has launched several enterprise and consumer products for Cylance (acquired by BlackBerry), McAfee (acquired by Intel), and Aluria (acquired by EarthLink). Hiep has also served as the Director of Anti-Malware Research for McAfee, where he oversaw a globally distributed 24×7 organization responsible for researching and responding to complex malware threats.

He geeks out on building innovative security products during the day, and at night, he teaches Kung Fu. The recurring theme that persists in both his personal and professional lives is his passion for helping others learn how to keep themselves safe and secure in the virtual and physical world.