It’s been just a few short weeks since RSAC 2024, an event that left a lasting impression on all who attended. This year, the theme “The Art of the Possible” resonated deeply, showcasing the industry’s commitment to exploring new horizons and embracing innovative ideas. It was inspiring to witness the collective enthusiasm for Possibility Thinking, a cognitive perspective that focuses on exploring potential opportunities and imagining various scenarios without being constrained by current realities or limitations. It involves a mindset open to new ideas, creative solutions, and innovative thinking. The theme and general ambiance set the stage perfectly for us to launch something big, the Security for AI Council. 

In the security industry, we are accustomed to thinking about the possibility of harm, which can cause a pause in innovation in some organizations. At HiddenLayer, we believe that when it comes to AI, any organization can go from pause to possibilities. Those who can understand the risks AI can create and can focus on practical solutions to mitigate those risks will be able to unlock the enormous potential AI has to create worldwide social and economic benefits.  

Launching the Security for AI Council

That is why we created the Security for AI Council. The council’s mission is to revolutionize the cybersecurity industry by spearheading the secure adoption of AI, the most impactful technology of our time. We want to empower the industry to fully realize AI’s potential while ensuring its usage is secure and responsible.

Our goals for the council are to:

  1. Accelerate Security for AI adoption
  2. Diminish the frequency, severity, and impact of attacks against AI
  3. Develop the CISO roadmap for securing AI
  4. Understand and influence emerging new regulations & industry frameworks
  5. Define success in securing this rapidly growing technology

The kickoff of the Security for AI Council that I led at the RSA conference this year was filled with creativity, innovation, visionary thinking, and a positive outlook for the future. At our kickoff, 18 security executives from a wide range of sectors joined the council, including higher education, entertainment, healthcare, technology, financial services, retail, and manufacturing.  

We discussed a wide range of topics, including:

  • AI Governance
  • Secure by Design for AI
  • Security Operations & Vulnerability Management for AI
  • Data Scientists as a potential substantial insider risk
  • Evolving regulatory environment for AI

During our discussions on the various threats to AI, a substantial positive outlook emerged from everyone. The focus was on proactive measures to address these risks and the potential achievements that can result. It was invigorating to hear about the opportunities within our challenges and how obstacles can be transformed into stepping stones for progress rather than roadblocks hindering innovation. 

Our Mission

Our mission to accelerate the secure adoption of AI, mitigate risks, and influence emerging regulations is more critical than ever. The discussions at the RSA conference reinforced the need for collaborative efforts and creative solutions to unlock AI’s full potential. By embracing Possibility Thinking, we can turn challenges into opportunities and pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in cybersecurity.

As we progress, the Security for AI Council will continue to champion this mindset, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and security is paramount. Together, we will ensure that AI not only drives economic and social benefits but also does so in a manner that is safe, responsible, and sustainable. The journey ahead is promising, and with the collective efforts of industry leaders, the art of the possible is within our grasp.

If you are a CISO or a security executive and are interested in joining the council or learning more, please reach out to me at [email protected].