Expanding AISec Platform to Facilitate Adoption of LLMs with Enterprise-Grade Security

AUSTIN, Texas – March 19, 2024HiddenLayer, the leading security provider for artificial intelligence (AI) models and assets, today announced the launch of its latest product: AI Detection & Response for Generative AI. The new capability comes as part of HiddenLayer’s award-winning platform, formerly known as MLDR, extending HiddenLayer’s end-to-end security to organizations deploying LLM-based applications.

HiddenLayer’s AI Detection & Response for Generative AI provides a set of security controls that enable real-time monitoring, detection, and response to threats specific to LLMs. The system supports a majority of LLMs, including GPT-X, LlaMa, Mistral, and internally built LLMs out-of-the-box, and allows for the interception of traffic to and from LLM applications, offering the capability to block harmful transactions or generate alerts for security teams to take necessary actions. This ensures that LLM deployments can be managed securely, mitigating the risk of data leaks, malicious use, and other abuses.

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“HiddenLayer’s AI Detection & Response allows organizations to responsibly navigate the risks associated with Generative AI, facilitating safe adoption of AI across industries,” said Chris “Tito” Sestito, Co-Founder and CEO of HiddenLayer. “By empowering CISOs and security leaders to bring Generative AI technologies to their organizations with responsible controls, this launch stands as the latest step in our mission to help enterprises protect their most valuable technology.”

The launch comes on the heels of the release of HiddenLayer’s AI Threat Landscape Report, which found that AI adoption continues to accelerate without proper security measures. With 98% of surveyed companies considering at least some of their AI models crucial to their business success, and 77% identifying breaches to their AI in the past year, the need to protect and secure all forms of AI is clear. 

HiddenLayer’s AI Detection & Response fortifies organizations’ generative AI deployments against unauthorized access, infiltration attempts, and intellectual property theft – all while delivering real-time protection. The platform is automated, enabling it to recognize real-time attacks and respond to generative AI model breach attempts with speed, and can be easily deployed and integrated into existing MLOps frameworks and security tools in minutes, not days. Furthermore, the platform is scalable, providing clear reporting on detected threats, empowering security teams with insights into adversarial behavior.

Organizations leveraging HiddenLayer’s AI Detection & Response will see the following outcomes:

  • Immediate and continuous real-time protection against cyber threats as outlined in 3rd party frameworks, including MITRE ATLAS and LLM OWASP.
  • Unleashed innovation, enabling the quick deployment of models into production, while proactively mitigating cybersecurity risks in real-time as part of the MLOps Lifecycle, ensuring a secure and efficient workflow.
  • Assistance in maintaining compliance as safeguards against threats that could result in regulatory issues.
  • An organization empowered to safely and securely embrace modernization through the transformative capabilities of generative AI.

Learn more about HiddenLayer’s AI Detection & Response for Generative AI capability here.

About HiddenLayer

HiddenLayer is the leading provider of security for AI. Its security platform helps enterprises safeguard the machine learning models behind their most important products. HiddenLayer is the only company to offer turnkey security for AI that does not add unnecessary complexity to models and does not require access to raw data and algorithms. Founded by a team with deep roots in security and ML, HiddenLayer aims to protect enterprise’s AI from inference, bypass, extraction attacks, and model theft. The company is backed by a group of strategic investors, including M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund, Booz Allen Ventures, IBM Ventures, and Capital One Ventures.


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