It is my great pleasure to announce the formation of HiddenLayer’s Synaptic Adversarial Intelligence team, SAI.

First and foremost, our team of multidisciplinary cyber security experts and data scientists are on a mission to increase general awareness surrounding the threats facing machine learning and artificial intelligence systems. Through education, we aim to help data scientists, MLDevOps teams and cyber security practitioners better evaluate the vulnerabilities and risks associated with ML/AI, ultimately leading to more security conscious implementations and deployments.

Alongside our commitment to increase awareness of ML security, we will also actively assist in the development of countermeasures to thwart ML adversaries through the monitoring of deployed models, as well as providing mechanisms to allow defenders to respond to attacks.

Our team of experts have many decades of experience in cyber security, with backgrounds in malware detection, threat intelligence, reverse engineering, incident response, digital forensics and adversarial machine learning. Leveraging our diverse skill sets, we will also be developing open-source attack simulation tooling, talking about attacks in blogs and at conferences and offering our expert advice to anyone who will listen!

It is a very exciting time for machine learning security, or MLSecOps, as it has come to be known. Despite the relative infancy of this emerging branch of cyber security, there has been tremendous effort from several organizations, such as MITRE and NIST, to better understand and quantify the risks associated with ML/AI today. We very much look forward to working alongside these organizations, and other established industry leaders, to help broaden the pool of knowledge, define threat models, drive policy and regulation, and most critically, prevent attacks.

Keep an eye on our blog in the coming weeks and months, as we share our thoughts and insights into the wonderful world of adversarial machine learning, and provide insights to empower attackers and defenders alike.

Happy learning!

Tom Bonner

Sr. Director of Adversarial Machine Learning Research, HiddenLayer Inc.